"A veteran is someone who at one point signed a blank check to the government of and up to their life."

true, i am only 16, and I'm sure u have your own opinions on what happened on 9/11/01 and why we are in Iraq, and I'm not trying to change your opinions but here are mine. i am not sure exactly who attacked us on 9/11 but i have a feeling Saddam, Bin Ladin, Alkaida, and the Taliban probably had something to do w/ it! it is to my understanding that when our troops entered the war on terrorism there were no weapons of mass destruction pointed at us, but that does not mean that they were not there b4 we entered! my dad has been deployed twice so far and i hate when he leaves and don't want him to have to leave again, and i don't want other soldier's to have to go over seas to war, but i think we owe it to the innocents of Iraq to help them rebuild b4 we leave. The people who drove those planes into the towers and world [[#|trade center]] might have been from Iraq or even Afghanistan, but Iraq and Afghanistan did not do it!... meaning sure a few of them might have but not all of them did. so we went in there and bombed their country... we killed some of the bad guys but we also killed innocents... mere children and women (and even most of the men) were innocent! so don't u think we should help them rebuild their country? teach their nation that their is more than just hate?... give them the building blocks to a democratic government? or we can leave now... wait no more than 5 yrs b4 the Taliban, Bin Ladin, and Alkaida move into Iraq and take over and we have to go back AGAIN for another 7yrs!!!!!!! so in all we can stay there for now probably for 7-10 yrs or we can pull out now and go back and spend 14-20 yrs over there (this time and next time put together)!!!!!!!

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The Day I Saw My Lady Cry
by: Tabatha

She stood there with her torch held high
To watch planes falling from the sky
As silver bullets ripped apart
The center of her loving heart
With disregard for sanity
In senseless act of lunacy
She saw her children fall and die
The day I saw my lady cry.

I LIFT MY LAMP … so reads her plaque
Just miles from terrorist attack
Her open doors now violated
By pure evil orchestrated
Hounds of Hell have been released
And Good must rise to kill the Beast.
I saw her head droop, shaking "Why?"
The day I saw my lady cry.

Her tears will bring on bitter rain
Unleashing winds of hurricane
To circle globe in whirlwind force
Uncover evil at its source
Then seek exacting recompense
From those who prey on innocents.
They'll not forget, as time goes by,
The day they made my lady cry.

So Many People
By: Tabatha

So many people, live in this world,
So many stories, trying to unfurl,

A few of these people, the strange and corrupted,
Blew up our city, the nation erupted,

Along with these towers whose structures' were shaken,
Our pride, confidence and so many lives were taken,

So many heroes, risking their lives,
Profusely searching for those who still strive,

Amidst the piles of twisted bars and debris,
We wonder who'll put an end to this misery,

Think of the families and how they must feel,
For them this is happening, for us- so surreal,

Wandering the streets for any such clue,
As to where there loved ones are, yearning for truth,

Even though this tragic event has taken place
It brings us together, we meet face to face

We are a strong country and i know we'll succeed
We'll try our hardest, to ensure we'll be free

The Attack
By: Tabatha
I watched the unbelievable scene in despair
Listened to the screams that filled the eerie morning air
It seemed as if it was all a horrific story
And all I could do was watch and worry

I shuddered as I watched the planes crash
Creating in each building a great huge gash
I looked at an old picture of the towers proud and tall
Then shuddered again as I watched them fall

This wasn't the end of the horrible scene
Not the last thing I will have seen
Soon there were people jumping into death's arms
And others rushed to medics to escape all harm

I sat down on the ground, eyes glued to the screen
Wondering who did this, who could be so mean?
I wished that there was someway I could help
But knew that there wasn't, I was too young to help

I never thought the US would be attacked
We were invulnerable; could not be harmed
Though the number missing is more each time counted
America has hope, for we have united

United We Stand
By: Tabatha
Standing Straight and Tall, Our Lady of Liberty
She Holds The Freedom of...
With God in Control, The World In His Hand

Through Things Present and Things To Come
Our Freedom We Hold With
Many Tears shed and Broken hearts..
By God's Grace..

Remembered Forever
By: Tabatha

A Tuesday morning everyone as busy as can be,
people going to work, people like you and me.

Everything seemed normal, in the air and on the ground,
until the world heard a sickening sound.

A nation is wounded, as twins fall to the floor,
thousands of lives that exist no more.

They fell in a thundering crash,
New York City covered in ash.

The smoke and ash filled the air,
All we could do was watch and stare.

Three more crashes shake a nation under attack,
the shock and fear spreads over a world gone black.

The world looked on in disbelief,
what can be said to cure the grief.

Thousands dead, thousands mourn,
Under the grey skies of a world so torn.

Insane people in a world so sane,
hurting and killing, dying in vain.

All those dead and all in vain,
we wonder, will things be the same again.

Again our world is split, not unified,
still America stands tall and dignified.

Many tears will fall in days to come,
until we know justice has been done.

So many innocent people died in pain,
Their memories will forever remain.

By: Tabatha
Everything seemed normal, everything at its best,
oblivious to the evil approaching the west.

The horror we never imagined, the thing we most dread,
Leaves hundreds missing, and thousands dead.

The whole world stood still all we could do was look,
unimaginable how many lives this evil took.

It spread like a blanket covering the world in fear,
Now we're all shocked, the future is so unclear.

While thoughts and fears fill our mind,
we ask who could commit an act so unkind.

As a nation burns from one evil flame,
people start to question who's to blame.

With so many lost and so many dead,
we wonder what could possibly lie ahead.

So many people on this tragic day died,
we'll never forget the day the world cried.

We all stand together, rich and poor,
Knowing that this evil was an act of war.

And so we send the bombs and pray for peace,
whilst the children in Afghanistan pray for it to cease.

We grieved we mourned of this act so unkind,
but an eye for an eye makes the world blind.

""When evil knocks on your door ask god to answer it""