I'm 19 and have lived in a lot of different states!!!!!!!! (WA, CA, HI, MD, FL, & TX just to name a few) I spent the majority of time (10 years) in Texas. If you would like to know more about my military views visit my 9/11 tribute page on this wiki!!! My dad is in the army! He is a CW3 in the MI brigade. (MI= Military Intelligence) So pretty much he works with top secret info to see when where how and why the enemy will attack our troops!!!!!! Then he writes a report to big people in charge to have them base their plans off of the information he found. His job is VERY important!!!!! There are some days when I can't stand him being in the military (like when he gets deployed or when we would get orders to move) but there are some days when I loved it (like when we had other soldiers my dad works with over for the holidays so they are not alone during the holidays!) Dad being in the Army and deploying 3 times has REALLY messed with the family. Never thought it would get to this point.A little more about me (mainly non military related) I moved out at 17 and in with a man that meant the world to me. He was 12 years older than me and it pissed my family off. We lived together for 2 years before he sabotaged the relationship. I still love him and am good friends with him. I moved in with my parents for a few short months until shit hit the fan. Stayed with a few friends and moved up to Spokane, WA in May. I miss my friends and siblings dearly. I was confused for a long time... hell I am still a little confused but without confusion what is the point of life? But I finally have the greatest man in my life. I have known him since our freshman year of high school. We dated a little while back then, didn't work out. We went to homecoming together as best friends out sophomore year, well we both moved up north this year. (He moved to Montana in Jan though) I love our Skype dates, and I love him! I can't wait til May when he moves to Spokane and we move in together. I have a great job taking care of a wonderful kid and hanging out with two friends of mine. Still lots of family stress and B.S. but the people I CHOOSE to surround myself with make it worth it. I <3 my family of friends!!!
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