it is not as great as on paper, because i was using a mouse of course... but people say it looks OK anyway... on paper though instead of red completely around it it has flames engulfing it and there is blood dripping from the sword... but it was to difficult to do on doodle so i did it like this! hope you like it! The first time i drew this symbol was right after i tried committing suicide for the last time! it symbolizes how my life was and continues to be and the state of mind I was in 6 years ago, it shows that no matter how much i gave of myself, or all the good i did for people i always got my eyes stabbed out! and as much pain that came from it (the blood dripping) I didn't once cry about it! (notice no tears)i just dealt with it in my own way, which was the wrong way but still! (the sword is for suicide attempts and being criticized!)! but that was then... now I'm in love with a great guy (even though he don't know it yet!), and I'm doing a lot better emotionally mentally and physically! and even my [[#|grades]] are better (when i want them to be anyway)! and even though my life is a lot better i still love this symbol... it reminds me that things can be and were worse!